Complete Exterior RV & Motorhome Detailing

The Detailing Pros Provide High Quality Exterior RV Detailing

We understand that RV’s require a special breed of maintenance—it’s not just about making the RV look great, it’s also about preserving the quality of craftsmanship. Thoroughly cleaning and then waxing your RV with a premium grade RV wax/sealant using a buffer to properly apply the wax/sealant, at least twice a year will help protect it against environmental wear and tear. RVs are exposed to ultraviolet rays that can deteriorate the clear coat paint OR oxidize the fiberglass/gel coat, making proper care and maintenance a requirement.

We work on all types of RV’s: Motor Coaches, Motor Homes, Toy Haulers, Horse Trailers, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers and Cargo Trailers.

We Detail Everything: Fully Painted RV’s and Fiberglass/Gelcoat RV’s and Aluminum Cargo Trailers, and all other surfaces/finishes.

Full Exterior RV detailing package:
The best value and most popular option for our valued customers

  • Full wash, including cleaning the rooftop
  • Blow off excess water from all seams after a full wash
  • Washing and waxing of all slide-out sections
  • Cleaning of wheels
  • Degreasing tires
  • We not only clean the roof, but we also inspect the integrity of your roof and any accessories while we are cleaning and washing the roof
  • Waxing/Sealing of the paint with an electric Buffer which will ensure proper application of the premium grade RV wax/sealant, this will enhance your paint, create a great high-gloss shine and protect your paint from the UV rays which can cause your paint to fade.
  • Clean exterior windows and condition the trim
  • Fall-out removal using a clay bar
  • Dress tires
  • Chrome exhaust tips polished and waxed.
  • Wax all black window frames
  • If applicable Solar panels gently cleaned
  • Skylight cleaned and treated
  • Polish chrome side mirrors due to oxidation/overspray
  • Aluminum rims polished
  • AC Cover cleaned and waxed
  • Aluminum and chrome compartment latches, exhaust tips, rear gravel guard/flap polished
  • Fully Painted RV’s are waxed with our buffers using a premium wax/sealant which will protect your RV and create a great high gloss shine.
  • White Fiberglass/Gelcoat RV’s that have light to medium oxidation are waxed with a premium one step RV wax with our buffers. This will remove light to medium levels of oxidation, haze, minor scratches, and will create a great high gloss shine and protect your gelcoat from the UV rays which causes your gelcoat to faded and oxidize.

  • White Fiberglass/Gelcoat RV’s that have medium to heavy oxidation requires a two step buffing process. The 2 step process consists of an application of a Compound & Polish which will remove the oxidation, the second step is applying a premium grade RV wax/sealant with our high speed buffers, which will create a great high gloss shine and protect your gelcoat from the UV rays which causes your gelcoat to faded and oxidize.

Additional RV Detailing Services:

  • Headlight Restoration
  • Engine detailing (Degrease and detail the engine and also the surrounding bay area)
  • Paint Correction: Paint Correction is the process of improving the condition and appearance of your RV’s paint through the use of various compounds and polishers with a rotary buffer using different buffing pads before waxing your RV.

Call or Text to customize a detailing package that is perfect for your RV detailing needs, whether it’s just a wash or a complete exterior detail we are the team for you!